Pulkovo Sky Business Center is located in close proximity to St.Petersburg main transport routes: City Ring Road (KAD), Pulkovo Highway, Western Rapid Diameter (ZSD) and Moskovsky avenue

Transport accessibility
Secured five-storey parking for 850 cars is available for tenant employees. Visitors of the Business center may accommodate their cars in 100 secured ground level spaces

Convenient parking
Business center was constructed with the use of the state-of-the-art technologies, materials and equipment, providing the highest level of operation of the building
Innovative building technology
Pulkovo Sky Business Center is in 5 minutes by car from the airport Pulkovo
Рroximity of the airport

Why it is convenient
to be a tenant of Pulkovo Sky Business Center

Renting an office at Pulkovo Sky Business Center is a signature of high class, outstanding standards and contemporary style of your company. Business Center is located in a fast developing business zone of Moskovsky district.

It means that your employees could reach all necessary destinations in St. Petersburg rapidly. Proximity of the airport would highlight your partner relations with foreign companies. Renting office space in Pulkovo Sky is a significant competitive advantage which means comfort and safety for tenants.

Excellent transport accessibility

Pulkovo Sky Business Center is located close to major highways of the city: St. Petersburg Ring Road, Pulkovo Highway, Western Rapid ​Diameter, Moskovsky Avenue.

It usually takes only 30 minutes to reach St. Petersburg city center and 50 minutes to reach northern districts. Tenant employees are free to use the Business Center bus connections to “Moskovskaya” and “Prospekt Veteranov” metro stations.

Schedule of buses

Pulkovo Sky Interior

The interior of Pulkovo Sky is designed in European style specially for this building. Business center interiors meet modern European standards of commercial real estate. Soft pastel colors inspire your employees and set to work, which is essential to the development and prosperity of your business.

Disposition of the office premises for rent is functional, which allows tenants to accommodate the employees as efficiently as possible. A variety of office spot options meets any needs and requirements, and the cost of renting space will match the level of services offered.

Technical details

To maintain comfortable climate parameters, the Business Center implements a system of ventilation and air conditioning based on open active chilled beams with two-way symmetric distribution of air in the room. Beams are perpendicular to the building walls, which reduces the risks of drafts.

Free cooling is used in the climate system to reduce energy loss . The benefits of this function could be used most fully only with active chilled beams system.

Business Center is equipped with centralized monitoring and management systems, such as CCTV, automatic power supply and distribution, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, security and fire alarms.

Business center uses its own water treatment facility with absorption filters for the production of 220 cubic meters of clean drinking water daily.

An innovative system of fire sprinkler using dry water of Hi-Fog type is used in the Pulkovo Sky fire extinguishing facilities. This system allows to eliminate fire of any complexity level efficiently, including fire at power supply system or engineering objects.


EKE Group (Finland):
Developer of the Year

Architectural studio M4:
The best architectural project

Architect's Studio M4 the best project (for Pulkovo Sky)

ARE Engineering company:
the best Engineering Systems (for Pulkovo Sky)

Silver Sertificate at Green Awards
(the energy-efficiency and sustainable technologies development)

Pulkovo Sky, Class A business center
According to the results of GMD All-Russian Business Center Classification

The rating of best St.Petersburg business centers 2011
(CRE-North-West) Pulkovo Sky: the best
business center in Saint-Petersburg

Open space plans of Pulkovo Sky Business Center offer various ways of office space organization, which helps to take into account all the nuances of your business processes and always be prepared for any changes.

Business Center Reception:

+7 (812) 611-0-914


Irina Zerenkova
Sales and Marketing Director
+7 (931) 238-3187


Business Center Administration

Andrey Hitrov

Managing director

+7 (812) 456-7000

Irina Zerenkova

Sales and Marketing Director

+7 (931) 238-3187

Lyubov Antipenko

Sales and Marketing Specialist

+7 (921) 745-2877

Oleg Voronin

Director of Administration

+7 (931) 211-7648

Alexandr Malinovsky

Technical Director

+7 (921) 558-8458

Alexei Oberemko

Construction Director

+7 (931) 238-3188
Saint-Petersburg, Vnukovskaya st., 2
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