Floor Details

Floor length
70 m
Floor depth
18 m
Total area
1 200 m2
Rentable area
1 100 m2
Ceiling height: 2,8 – 4,2 m
Loss ratio: 10%
Column spacing: 6,9x6,0 m
Floor load: 300 kg/m2

Main Technical Details

Office building height
49,5 m
Height of parking building
18 m
Multi-storey parking
850 cars
Total area
76 000 m2
Rentable area: 45 500 m2
Guest parking for 100 cars
Land area: 12 433 m2
Commissioning: December 2009

Building Technology

Panoramic glass facade
Building automation system (BMS)
5-6 high-speed KONE elevators in each building
Air conditioning and ventilation with chilled beams system
Lighting with adjustable brightness
Access control systems and CCTV
Hi-FOG water sprinkler extinguishing system
Advanced water purification system
Power supply: 100 W / sq m
Emergency diesel generator : 635 kW
Free Cooling system
Floor Details
Main Technical Details
Building Technology
Rentable premises
Open space plans of Pulkovo Sky Business Center offer various ways of office space organization, which helps to take into account all the nuances of your business processes and always be prepared for any changes.
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